Top Cyber security Tips for Home Workers

These tips have highly consolidated to provide you a simple, to the point checklist for securely working from home.

Apply Cyber Security Best Practice.

Read your company’s Security policy and direction while working from home. Only Use Company approved connectivity technologies (VPNs, collaboration technologies, cloud solutions, etc…).

Always ask your security team for help if you are unsure of what you should do in a specific cyber-related situation.


Effective Password Management.

Make sure you use different and complex password for every account you own.

Where possible, try to use multifactor authentication on your accounts.

Use a password manager to store your passwords such as Lastpass.


Be Mindful When Working in Public Locations.

Do not leave laptops or devices unprotected at any time.

Do not leave laptops or valuables visible in your car at any time.

Only use Wi-Fi connections you trust.


Working on Company Supplied or Personal Computers.

Only Use Company supplied machines for work activities whenever possible.

Try and limit personal activities on work machines and vice versa.

Make sure any computer you use is adequately patched and running updated anti-virus software

Before use.


Be Aware of Phishing Scams.

Cyber attackers will take advantages of the current landscape. Be mindful and think twice before you click,

Provide information, or act online or over the phone as cyber-attackers look to take advantage of this unrest.

Be cautious of children of the elderly who are also susceptible to these types of attacks and may not be

As cyber savvy.

If you do feel you have clicked on an email or made a mistake, report it to your security team as soon as possible.


Securing all Personal Devices on your Home Network.

Use complex and unique passwords for devices connected to your home.

Make sure that all the firmware and patch updates are applied and current on all connected devices on your network.

Disconnected any old device connected to your network that you no longer use.


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