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Dedication is a virtue that characterizes every professional, and excellence is the aspiration of every practitioner. It is with this in mind that our team of global experts gather and work hard to continuously create value through the PECB Training Courses. We also certify all companies through PECB MS.
We offer blockchain online classes to all levels from beginners to experts. We also offer online exams and certifications which are accredited by the Blockchain Council.
The benefits of Blockchain are not just limited to financial transactions. Hence this course is not aimed only at Fintech or Banking professionals. As digitization continues, blockchain will be used more and more in our everyday lives, from delivery services to IoT
(Internet of Things), and from security to retail and travel services.
Please contact us for further information on different courses on:- OR MOB: +250-787-215-803.
Kind Regards,
Freddy Ntwari
Information Security & Cyber Risk Management, Audit Consultant
Certified:-ISO/IEC27001, ISO/IEC27002, ISO/IEC20000
Fortinet – FCNSA, Balabit Certified
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