Hdiv Solutions

The Hdiv Security unified application security platform helps development and security teams detect security vulnerabilities in the applications throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) and protect them from attacks in production…


 Unified Application Security

Hdiv Detection (IAST) – Interactive Application Security Testing – Detect vulnerabilities just browsing your application

Hdiv detects security bugs in source code before it is exploited, using a runtime dataflow technique to report the file and line number of the vulnerability. Reporting is immediate to developers during the development process either within the web browser or within a centralized web console.

Hdiv Verification – Burp Suite Extension – Improve the productivity of business logic flaws detection

Hdiv makes integration possible between the pen-testing tool (Burp Suite) and the application, communicating valuable information to the pen-tester. It avoids many hand-coded steps, focusing the attention and effort of pen-testers on the most vulnerable entry points.


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