Hillrom Welch Allyn Cardio vulnerability poses unauthorized access risk.

A critical vulnerability found in a range of Hillrom Welch Allyn Cardio medical devices could enable unauthorized privileged account access, according to an alertĀ from the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

The latest disclosures is an authentication bypass using an alternate path or channel vulnerability, ranked 8.1 in severity by CISA. An attacker could remotely exploit the vulnerability to take control over an affected system.

When the affected devices are configured to use Single Sign-on, the tech is impacted by the improper authentication vulnerability that enables the application to accept manual entry of any active directory account provisioned by the application even without a password.

In doing so, an unauthorized user could gain access to the application and its associated privileges through the supplied AD account. It should be noted that the vulnerability has a high attack complexity, and there have been no public exploits specifically targeting the flaw.



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