How to support women in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is required to be a dynamic industry because cybercriminals don’t take days off. Cybersecurity professionals must be innovative, creative, and attentive to keep … #creative #cybersecurity #sticconsultantcompany

Bank executives mostly concerned about cybercrime.

A research released by Computer Services suggests growing concerns among bank executives around recruiting and retaining talent as well as fighting cybercrime threats. In the … Bank executives mostly concerned about cybercrime #banks #compliance #computerservices #cybercrime #datasecurity #privacy #threats #sticconsultantcompany

Another Israeli Firm, QuaDream, Caught Weaponizing iPhone Bug for Spyware.

A now-patched security vulnerability in Apple iOS that was previously found to be exploited by Israeli company NSO Group was also separately weaponized by a different surveillance vendor named QuaDream to hack into the company’s devices. The development was reported by Reuters, citing unnamed sources, noting that “the two rival businesses gained the same ability[…..]

Heed these update warnings from ESET and Sealevel Systems.

Organizations and individuals running Windows security products from ESET should install the latest versions. This comes after a serious vulnerability was discovered. These updates have been available since December for some products, and as late as January 31st for others. Affected products include ESET Endpoint AntiVirus, ESET Internet Security and ESET Security for Windows Server.[…..]