5 cyber resiliency best practices for 2022

Despite best efforts from security personnel to federal involvement, ransomware is still the biggest threat organizations will face this year. These attacks have the potential to shut down organizations and strain infrastructure, according to Index Engines.

There’s no single method or strategy that guarantees an organization will not become a victim, but there are best practices organizations can take to achieve greater cyber resiliency.

1. Educate

2. Update

3. Collaborate

4. Analyze

5. Invest

Investing in a cyber recovery strategy is essential for getting an organization operational. Backups are the best way to recover and therefor a top target for cyber criminals. Invest in new technology to make backups stealth, immutable and intelligent enough to tackle the cyberattacks that will occur in 2022 and beyond. Investing in ransomware – detection, prevention and recovery – will have an ROI that is truly immeasurable.

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